Heavy-duty ANL Fuse Box

Heavy-duty ANL Fuse Box


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Heavy duty (glass fiber reinforced nylon) fuse holder with closed cap with open window. Led indication of blown fuse condition (turns on when fuse blows) visible through the window. Six removable windows for unobstructed wiring from different angles. The specific size of the fuse holder makes it very easy to combine it with the mini battery switches (14.452.145 & 14.452.146) and the heavy duty busbars (14.425.947 & 14.425.948).

• WxLxH: 138 x 69 x 44.5mm
• Voltage: max. 32V DC
• Current: max 300V continuous
• Accepts 100-300A ANL Fuses
• Terminal Stud Size 2 x M10 (3/8")

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