Jobe Dual Life Vest White

Jobe Dual Life Vest White


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One of the most important things about the proximity of water is safety. Whatever you do near or on the water, make sure all safety precautions are followed. Therefore, Jobe's bright life jacket, which is made of lightweight and durable neoprene, will provide durability, while foam panels protect against impact and damage. The innovative design allows the vest to be optimally adjusted to the required size, while the durable YKK buckles and three adjustable straps help to adjust the vest so that it fits well to the body. The vest is UNISEX, which means that it will fit perfectly for both men and women. Jobe vest is designed with an innovative drainage system. Drainage openings will perfectly drain water and keep the equipment light so as not to divert attention from the main. Enjoy a safe and peaceful time on the water!

  • Protective vest for water sports,
  • NO life jacket,
  • Customizable size
  • Fastening with four (4) adjustable textile straps with fastex fastening,
  • Retaining ring for attaching the rescue rope,
  • Special drainage openings for water drainage,
  • Two-tone design,
  • Material (protection): lightweight EPE foam,
  • Material (vest): lightweight and durable nylon.

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