USB socket switch mount 14504083

USB socket switch mount 14504083


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USB Sockets with a high output amperage by which are suitable for the latest models smartphones and tablets of various brands. Due to the high output amperage, you quickly save 16% charging time compared to 2,1A models and even more compared to even lower amperages. USB socket has a standard switch mount size which makes it easy to integrate the switch into existing configurations.

• Input: 12-24V
• Output voltage: 5V
• Output amperage: 3,4A (1 x 2,4A and 1x1A)
• LED indicator
• Protected against short circuit and overheating
• With tightly sealed Cap a IP66 water tightness
• overall: 48x24.2mm, cut-out 36.83x21.08mm, inbouwdiepte: 44.71mm
• 1 1/8 switchmount

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