Polyester 3-Strand Anchorline


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Ready-to-use anchor lines made of 3-Strand polyester including stainless steel thimble.
The polyester line is very suitable as anchor line because it sinks, is abrasion-resistant and stretches during the anchoring to absorb, for example, the forceswaves .
The required length anchor line is determined by the water depth on the spot and the currently prevailing wind power. On average one takes ca. 5 times the water depth and length for the anchor line. In low wind one can often comply with less line and in stormy weather (wind force 5 and more) the length runsup to 7 times the water depth.
The diameter of the line is determined by the boat length and weight of the ship.

Polyester 3-Strand 10 mm: for ships up to ca. 8m with a weight up to 2000kg
Polyester 3-Strand 12 mm: for ships up to approx. 10m weighing up to 4000kg
The anchor line is supplied on a small compact rope coil

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